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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
People of the Outlands, listed by Award received

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Awards for the Outlands and the groups within it

Antares Kano of al-Barran (CAK)

Anvil of Aarquelle (AAA)

Arch of Caer Galen (BA)

Argent Fleece (CAF)

Argent Hart (CAH)

Argent Rose of the Outlands (CARO)

Argent Wyvern of the Outlands* (closed) (CAWO) (order closed)

Arquites Australis of the Citadel (CAAC)

Artisans of Fontaine dans Sable ()

Aspen of Caerthe (CAC)

Astrum Australis of the Citadel (CAA)

Augmentation of Arms (AUG)

Award of Arms (AOA)

Azure Mullet of the Outlands (CAMO)

Baron of the Court (CTBAR)

Baron's Chalice of Merit (BCM)

Baron's Keystone (BBK)

Baron's Thistle of Fontaine (BT)

Baroness of the Court (CTBARS)

Baroness' Degree of Elegance (BDE)

Baroness’s Chalice (BBC)

Black Glove of Caerthe (CBGC)

Book and Harp of Caer Galen (SCG)

Brendon Swatko Award (CBS)

Builders of the Portcullis of Unser Hafen (CBP)

Calyx Honoris of the Citadel (CCH)

Chalice of St. William the Cooper (BCW)

Cordon of Honor of Caerthe (CCHC)

Cordon Royal (BCR)

Corona Graminea of Unser Hafen (CCG)

Coronet's Smile (HCS)

Count (COUNT)

Countess (COUNTESS)

Courage (COC)

Crown Prince (CPRIN)

Crown Princess (CPRINS)

Daffodil of Fontaine (C.D.)

Defense (OD)

Desert Fawn of al-Barran (CDF)

Doe & Mountain (CDM)

Dragon's Claw of Dragonsspine (CDCD)

Dragon's Fire of Dragonsspine (DDF)

Dragon's Grace of Dragonsspine (CDG)

Dragon's Shield of Dragonsspine (CDS)

Dragons Blood of Dragonsspine (CDB)

Dreamer's Cup (CDCC)

Duchess (DUCHESS)

Duke (DUKE)

Eagles Plume of Aarquelle (AEP)

Ensis Honoris of the Citadel (CEH)

Epona of Unser Hafen (COE)

Espada de Oro of al-Barran (CEO)

Fallen Snow (CFS)

Falling Waters of Fontaine (FW)

Fleur and Fountain (F.F.)

Flos Australis of the Citadel (CFA)

Flower (OFO)

Founding Baron (FBAR)

Founding Baroness (FBARS)

Furison of Aarquelle (AFA)

Gentle Dragon (CGD)

Gilded Leaf of Caerthe (CGL)

Golden Columbine of Unser Hafen (CGC)

Golden Lance (OGL)

Golden Nightingale of Caer Galen (CGN)

Golden Paw of Fontaine (GPF)

Golden Pheon (CGP)

Golden Ring of Unser Hafen (CGR)

Golden Tassel of al-Barran ()

Golden Tassel of al-Barran ()

Grant of Arms (GRANT)

Green Tree (Page or Maid) ()

Guardian of the Oasis of Fontaine (OG)

Guardians of the Golden Flame (GGF)

Guardians of the Portcullis of Unser Hafen (CGP)

Hammer of al-Barran (DHA)

Harmonia of Unser Hafen (CMP)

Harp and Chalice of Caer Galen (CHC)

Heart of Dragonsspine (CHD)

Heart of Osorio of Aarquelle (AOH)

Heart of the Scorpion of al-Barran (CHSA)

Hedgehog of Caer Galen (UCG)

Houre Glass of Fontaine (OHG)

Hydra Order of Fontaine (HFS)

Iron Hart (TIH)

Iron Rivet of Unser Hafen (C.I.R.)

Jubilant Pride of Caerthe (CJP)

Keepers of the Portcullis of Unser Hafen (CKP)

Keepers of the Waters of Fontaine (KW)

Kestrel of Great River [award closed] (CKGR) (order closed)

Keystone of Caerthe (CKC)

King of the Outlands (KING)

Knights Pensioners of the Venerable Guard (PVG)


L'ordre de la Rose d'Or of Unser Hafen (CRO)

Lady of the Rose (LR)

Laurel (ML)

Legion of Gallantry of the Outlands (CLG)

Light of al-Barran (BLA)

Lux Australis of the Citadel (CLAC)

L’Ordre du Cochon Alé (CA)

Mace of Aarquelle (AMA)

Mermaid's Grace of Fontaine (MG)

Monkey of Caer Galen (DM)


Noble's Gratitude of Unser Hafen (CNG)

Order of Evan (SDR)

Order of Excellence (CEC)

Outlands Royal Menagerie [proclamation of Giovanni and Cainnleach] (closed) (ORM)

Palma Aurea of Fontaine (OGP)

Palmer's Lantern (CPL)

Pelican (MP)

Pilgrim of Caerthe (CPC)

Pilgrims of Saint Edrik (PSE)

Poignard Noir of Caer Galen (BPN)

Praeceptor Australis ()

Pride of Dragonsspine (CPD)

Prima Lux of Unser Hafen (CPL)

Prince Consort of the Outlands (PRINC)

Promise of the Outlands (CPO)

Queen of the Outlands (QUEEN)

Queen's Cypher (BQC)

Queen's Grace (CQG)

Ragnar's Hammer (CRH)

Russian Thistle of al-Barran (CRT)

Sable Destrier of Caerthe (CSDC)

Sable Garter of al-Barran (KSG)

Sable Lion of Caerthe (CSLC)

Saint Cecily with the Cup (BPR)

Saint Louis with the Staff of Caer Galen (BC)

Saint Michael with the Harp of Caer Galen (CBM)

Salt Bearer of Unser Hafen (CSB)

Scales of Dragonsspine (CSD)

Scorpion of al-Barran (CSA)

Scorpion's Favor of al-Barran (BSF)

Scorpion's Spoon of al-Barran (CSS)

Scorpion's Sting of al-Barran (CSS)

Seeker of the Grail (OSG)

Sharparrow (AIR)

Silver Axe of Fontaine (CSA)

Silver Blade of Aarquelle (ABS)

Silver Dagger of al-Barran (CSD)

Silver Fletching of Aarquelle (ASF)

Silver Lance (OSL) (order closed)

Silver Stirrup (CSSO)

Silver Tassel of al-Barran ()

Silver Tyne (DST)

Skipping Stone of Unser Hafen (CSS)

Small Fountain of Fontaine (CSF)

Sovereign Queen of the Outlands (QUEENS)

St. Stephan of the Citadel (OSS)

Stag (OSO)

Stag and Chalice (CSC)

Stag's Blood (DSB)

Stag's Heart (CSH)

Star and Compass of Aarquelle (ASC)

Stonemason of Unser Hafen (CSM)

Sun and Eagle of Aarquelle (AES)

Sun and Mountain of Aarquelle (ASM)

Sword Bearers of Aarquelle (ABA)

Territorial Baron - Retired (TBAR-R)

Territorial Baron of Aarquelle ()

Territorial Baron of al-Barran (TBAR-2)

Territorial Baron of Caer Galen (TBAR-6)

Territorial Baron of Caerthe (TBAR-1)

Territorial Baron of Dragonsspine (TBAR-3)

Territorial Baron of Fontaine dans Sable (TBAR-7)

Territorial Baron of the Citadel (TBAR-4)

Territorial Baron of Unser Hafen (TBAR-5)

Territorial Baroness - Retired (TBARS-R)

Territorial Baroness of Aarquelle ()

Territorial Baroness of al-Barran (TBARS-2)

Territorial Baroness of Caer Galen (TBARS-6)

Territorial Baroness of Caerthe (TBARS-1)

Territorial Baroness of Dragonsspine (TBARS-3)

Territorial Baroness of Fontaine dans Sable (TBARS-7)

Territorial Baroness of the Citadel (TBARS-4)

Territorial Baroness of Unser Hafen (TBARS-5)

Test Fish (FFF) (order closed)

Thermopylae of the Citadel (DOT)

Torch Bearer of Unser Hafen (CTB)

Treasured Jewels of Dragonsspine (CTJD)

Trefoil (CTO)

Vangard (VOO)

Velvet Tynes [award closed] (CVT) (order closed)

Venerable Guard (CVG)

Vicar (VICAR)

Vicaress (VICARESS)

Viscount (VISCOUNT)

Viscountess (VISCOUNTES)

Walker of the Way (CWW)

Watch Fire of al-Barran (CWF)

White Scarf of the Outlands (DWS)

Winged Pheon of Fontaine (OV)

Wolves of Aarquelle (AWA)

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