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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Hedgehog of Caer Galen (UCG)

The stylization of members of this order is Urchine of Caer Galen.

Notes on this order: Charter amended on May 9, A.S. L. Formerly called the Foal of Caer Galen

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Avalon Dubois (premier) 2003-12-13
Mitchell McMeans 2004-09-18
Alexandra of Gryphon\\\'s Nest 2005-10-22
Vanozza da Corbetta 2005-10-22
Alexandre D'Aubisson 2006-12-09
Dendra (of Caer Galen) 2006-12-09
Leif Magnusson 2009-01-24
Kate ÓConchobhair 2010-05-01
Ramses (of Caer Galen) 2010-05-01
Weiland (of Caer Galen) 2010-05-01
Brigit d'Aubusson 2010-07-24
Katherine Drake 2013-09-03
Ellie of House Rogues 2014-06-07
Shelby of House Rogues 2014-06-07
Willow of House Rogues 2014-06-07
Zoe of House Rogues 2014-06-07
Auryn (of Caer Galen) 2015-07-11
Helena Liefsdottir 2015-12-01
Aiden di Firenze 2015-12-05
Alexandra (of Caer Galen) 2015-12-12
Erasmus (of Caer Galen) 2015-12-12
Dominic (of Caer Galen) 2016-08-02