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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Scorpion\'s Favor of al-Barran (BSF)

The stylization of members of this order is Bearer of the Scorpion\'s Favor.

Notes on this order:

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Dennis the Wright (premier) 2009-05-23
Charles Robert Blackstone 2009-05-23
Chinua Al-Naran 2009-05-23
Eiríkr geirsbrjótr 2009-05-23
J. T. Whoreschum 2009-05-23
Llywus ap Alan 2009-05-23
Reyna Wolf 2009-05-24
Argyle MacGrigour 2011-09-24
Cassidy (of al-Barran) 2011-09-24
Cyrred of Ashwood 2011-09-24
Estevan de Sepulveda 2011-09-24
Hrefna Cyrredes dohtor 2011-09-24
Beibhinn inghean Ui Sheibhleain (Bardolf & Sabiha) 2014-07-19
Akilina Ianikitova (Bardolf & Sabiha) 2015-05-24
Quintin d\'Acre (Bardolf & Sabiha) 2015-05-24
Béla Kierzon 2015-09-26
Muiredach MacGregor 2016-05-27