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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Order of Excellence (CEC)

The stylization of members of this order is Companions of Excellence of Caerthe,.

Notes on this order:

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Daffyd of Emmett (premier) (Valor) 2017-01-07
Dubhghaill Mac Gills Easbaig (premier) (Ideals) 2017-01-07
Hannah de Ávila (premier) (Hospitality) 2017-01-07
Máire Dooley (premier) (Integrity) 2017-01-07
Elisheva bat Simon Halevy (Valor) 2018-02-03
Jethro Stille (Integrity) 2018-02-04
Alasdair MacDubhghaill the Scot (Ideals of the Society) 2018-04-14
Diana Doria (Ideals of the Society) 2018-04-14
Estefania de las Yeguas (Hospitality) 2018-05-25
Miklos Kovacs (Hospitality) 2018-05-25
Kristin in Tasalda (Hospitality) 2018-07-01
Daffyd of Emmett (Ideals of the Society) 2018-07-07
Catrin von Berlin (Ideals of the Society) 2019-01-02
Elizabeth Winter (Hospitality) 2019-01-02
Davin Drakere (Valor) 2019-05-25
Ernest of Wyvernwoode (Ideals of the Society) 2019-08-01