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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Saint Michael with the Harp of Caer Galen (CBM)

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Bards Militant.

Notes on this order: Charter amended on May 9, A.S. L. formerly known as Bard Militant

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Cecily de Heselington (premier) (Rapier - premier) 2003-12-13
Keridwen Andersdottir (premier) (Armored) 2004-04-17
Simon of Ravenwood (premier) (Archery - premier) 2004-04-17
Richard Ó Conchobhair (Armored) 2004-12-11
Gytha Lokheued (Armored) 2005-05-01
Ian of Nightsgate (Rapier) 2005-05-01
Michalangelo Francesco di Genoa (Armored) 2005-10-22
Hans von Wolfholz (Armored) 2005-12-10
Magnus Zwerver (Armored) 2005-12-10
Randal Carrick (Rapier) 2005-12-10
Louis-Philippe Mitouard (Armored) 2006-02-04
Mustafa Kamaal of Antioch (Armored) 2006-07-29
Timony Olyveyr (Rapier) 2006-10-21
Leifr Vagnsson (Armored) 2006-12-09
Anne d'Anjou von Hiester (premier) (Equestrian - premier) 2007-05-20
Cera ingen Rónáin (Archery) 2007-06-23
Iohannes Kynith (Armored) 2007-07-21
Gareth of Gryphon\'s Nest (Armored) 2007-11-17
Lucrezia Tagliaferro (Rapier) 2007-11-17
Daniel Larke del Glen (Archery) 2008-06-21
Reto von Kyborg (Armored) 2008-09-06
Kaspar Morgengras (Armored) 2008-11-15
Adam Mathyson (Armored) 2008-12-13
Grellán ÓConchobhair (Armored) 2009-02-14
Béla Kós (Armored) 2009-07-18
Diana of the Tulips (Equestrian) 2009-12-12
Lochlainn O Mahony (Armored) 2010-02-13
Magnus MacCraith (Armored) 2010-02-13
Sashcha Mikulas (Armored) 2010-02-13
Andros Korkyrates (Rapier) 2010-07-04
Anna de Apperleye (Armored ) 2010-07-24
Massimiliano Pontieri dal Sasso (Rapier) 2010-07-24
Madoch Greyson (Rapier) 2011-06-11
Lui Yan Ming (Armored) 2011-07-23
Ketill Geirason (Armored) 2011-12-10
Stigr Robertsson (Armored) 2011-12-10
Eric Litefoote of Studley (Rapier) 2012-09-02
Jehennette van Mynden (Rapier) 2012-09-02
Tatiana Bonnioulx (Rapier) 2012-09-29
Alasdair MacDubhghaill the Scot (Armored ) 2012-12-15
Maria Castelana (Rapier) 2012-12-15
Elena Isabella de Glastonbury (Rapier) 2013-06-22
Finn Ua Briain (Armored) 2013-06-22
Lief Davidson (Armored) 2013-06-22
Livia Agrinali (Archery) 2013-06-22
Thomas Vandale (Rapier) 2013-06-22
Zodrick (of Caer Galen) (Rapier) 2013-08-31
Vyncent (of Caer Galen) (Rapier) 2013-11-15
Shoshanah Simkhah bas Ruven (Archery) 2013-12-14
Miguel Iolo de Genoa (Rapier) 2014-02-28
Timothy MacGregor (Rapier) 2014-02-28
Olivia Aragon Y Montoya (Rapier) 2014-05-06
Konrad von Alpirsbach (Archery) 2014-06-03
Jeanne-Marie Dubois (Armored) 2014-08-29
Faolan MacEwan Taver 2015-05-24
Zodrick (of Caer Galen) (Rapier) 2015-06-13
Jordan Loch 2015-12-12
Nerienda of Elmet (Armored Combat) 2016-07-09
Oppia Vopisca (Archery) 2016-07-09
Rowena Colebrook (Rapier) 2016-07-09
Ubertino Nicolai di Fara San Martino (Archery) 2016-07-09
Wolfgang Sebastian Kolhammer 2016-07-09
Alheit Wehrer 2016-09-03
Mahara Vandale (Rapier) 2016-09-03
Domenico Forestani 2017-05-27
Marcus Goltz 2017-09-01
Nazir 2017-09-02