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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Knights Pensioners of the Venerable Guard (PVG)

The stylization of members of this order is Knight/Lord Pensioners of the Venerable Guard.

Notes on this order:

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Albert von Dreckenveldt (premier) 2001-08-04
Asad Ud-Din 2002-02-16
Ton the Traveler 2003-08-02
Koris Natterhelm 2004-05-28
Raymond the Quiet 2004-05-28
Gunwaldt Gullbjørn 2006-05-27
Stefan of the Wanderers 2008-12-20
Avram the Jew 2009-02-15
Olaf Bjornson 2009-12-05
Alaric Dimitrievich Razvedchikov 2012-02-04
Gerwyn y Teigr 2012-02-04
Lavan Longwalker 2013-03-01
Dennis the Wright 2013-05-25
Artan macAilin 2013-08-31
Thorvald Valdkrig 2015-02-27
Giovanni di Sienna 2015-03-14
Gregor von Münchhausen 2015-08-15
Wolfgang Grothe de Verron 2016-07-02
Tore av Uddevala 2018-02-24