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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Pride of Dragonsspine (CPD)

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Pride of Dragonsspine.

Notes on this order: Need copy of charter

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Arwa bint Haroun (premier) 1990-06-17
Diana of the Tulips 1990-11-17
Sharon of the Roses 1994-02-05
Anastasia Elizabeth Courteney 1994-04-30
Maeve FitzRobert of York 1994-04-30
Beatrix of Ambleside 1994-08-20
Zafirah al-`Aliyyah 1994-08-20
Kateri Naked Toes 1996-08-17
Nikolai di Sienna 1999-02-06
Egan (of Dragonsspine) 2000-05-13
Phillip di Sienna 2000-11-19
Galahad (of Dragonsspine) 2001-02-03
Naisi (of Dragonsspine) 2001-02-03
Albrecht von Eisenach 2002-08-03
Connor of Kittisford 2005-01-10
Alexander O'Neill 2005-01-29
Garrett Hall 2005-10-01
Augustine of Tyre 2006-01-28
Katheryne MacBrighde 2006-07-28
Buggius dei Medici 2007-07-28
Corrine (of Dragonsspine) 2007-07-28
Pedro el Rubio 2008-08-02
Rhiannon of Stony Ford 2008-08-02
James Boyer 2012-05-19
Katherine Boyer 2012-05-19
Richard Boyer 2012-05-19
Bjorn of House Broken Horn 2013-02-02
Cinéad Mac Amhlaoibh 2013-06-08
Ethan Robertson 2015-03-07
Simi of the Woods 2016-06-03
Kaitlin of the Red Dagger inn 2016-06-04
Kellen of the Red Dagger Inn 2016-06-04
Douglas (of Dragonsspine) 2016-09-02
Rose of Castle Rising 2017-01-28
Jessica of the Red Dagger Inn 2018-01-27
Killian Nic Amhlaoibh 2018-01-27
Johan de Javier 2018-06-09