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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Thermopylae of the Citadel (DOT)

The stylization of members of this order is Defender of Thermopylae.

Notes on this order: Charter dated 9/12/87 rechartered 7/18/98

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Vanard of the Skilled Hands (premier) 1987-11-07
Ruter Rotbart von Rothenberg 1987-11-08
Friedrich of Stormhill 1988-01-16
Eric Blaxton 1988-09-24
Berold de Gilbert 1989-01-14
Gareth of Gryphon\'s Nest 1989-08-26
Robert the Ironwolf 1990-08-11
Hakon of Jorvik 1991-04-12
Cyrred of Ashwood 1992-01-18
Taran O Saoghair 1992-10-24
Gavin Brangane 1993-10-09
Ralf Blackwood of Ravenstone 1994-01-15
Chael (of the Citadel) 1995-01-14
Emerich Magnusson 1995-01-14
Bartholomew of Ashdown Forest 1997-01-18
Lothar (of the Citadel) 1997-02-15
Ordög Magyar Béla 1998-01-10
Roger Warwick 1999-01-09
Dietrich Karl von Andernach 1999-08-28
Jochen von Balduinseck 1999-10-16
Robert Corwen of Dunbar 1999-12-18
Konrad von Greifswald 2001-02-19
Ryon McKenric 2002-01-12
Nikolaus von Stahlburg 2003-01-11
Wolf von der Mühle 2004-01-17
Herbert von Kalden 2008-10-04
Warmin of Belshire 2013-06-15
Achius Odinson 2015-02-28
Stephen Cumbe 2015-09-12
Charles the Bear 2016-10-15
Rafael Fernando Montes de Castillo 2016-10-15
Oleg Schwinghammer 2018-10-13