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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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L\'ordre de la Rose d\'Or of Unser Hafen (CRO)

The stylization of members of this order is Companions of L\'ordre de la Rose d\'Or.

Notes on this order: Given on to one person per war.

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Arion de Hawke (premier) (Premier) 2009-02-14
Martin de Cuniga 2010-02-13
Nicolaao Machado 2011-04-02
Iago Martyn 2014-08-29
Lysander of Unser Hafen 2015-09-05
Lohengrin Heier 2016-09-03
Vigdis Draconis 2017-09-02
Vaeltaja (of Unser Hafen) 2018-03-18
Winfred (of Unser Hafen) 2018-07-07