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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
People of the Outlands, listed by Award received

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Society and Outlands Awards

Baron of the Court (CTBAR)

Baron's Chalice of Merit (BCM)

Baron's Keystone (BBK)

Baron's Thistle of Fontaine (BT)

Baroness of the Court (CTBARS)

Baroness' Degree of Elegance (BDE)

Baroness’s Chalice (BBC)

Black Glove of Caerthe (CBGC)

Book and Harp of Caer Galen (SCG)

Brendon Swatko Award (CBS)

Builders of the Portcullis of Unser Hafen (CBP)

Out-of-Kingdom Awards

Bard's Laureate (OBL)

Baron's Award of Excellence of Caer Mear (BAE)

Baron's Award of Excellence of Nottinghill Coill (BAE)

Baroness' Order of Patronage of Three Rivers (BOP)

Baroness's Cygnet ()

Baronial Award of Excellence ()

Baronial Brassard (BB)

Baronial Commendation of Stormhold (CBC)

Baronial Gallant (CBG)

Baronial Label of the Western Seas (BL)

Beacon of Oldenfeld (OBO)

Beacon of the Desert (CSD)

Bearer of the List of Grace Loch Salann (BLG)

Bell & Chain of Stromgard ()

Black Fire (CBF)

Black Pheon ()

Black Wing ()

Blade of Merit ()

Blasted Oak ()

Blasted Tree of Wastekeep (OBT)

Blood of Fenris (CBF)

Boga-Fyrd (CBFC)

Boga-Hirth (CBH)

Boreas ()

Bough of Meridies (CBM)

Briar of Blatha an Oir (CB)

Bridget's Flame (CBF)

Bronze Ring (CBR)

Bronze Tower (CBTE)

Burdened Bouget (BBB)

Burdened Tyger (CBT)

Burning Trumpet (CBTM)