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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Doe & Mountain (CDM)

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Doe and Mountain.

Notes on this order:

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Katherine Linnet Holford (Premier) 2010-01-02
Bennet Murray 2010-03-13
Monika von Zell 2010-03-13
Kathryn of Iveragh 2010-05-29
Cailte Caitchairn 2010-12-18
Raymond the Quiet 2011-05-28
Patrick of the Quietwood 2011-09-03
Lêofsige Õ Caoimh 2012-02-04
Selene of the Sky 2012-02-04
Agnes de Lanvallei 2013-01-26
Mael Marden 2015-09-03
Margot of Glamorgan 2015-09-03
Cyrred of Ashwood 2015-12-19
Albert von Dreckenveldt 2016-01-30
Lydia of the Pines 2016-06-05
Briatiz d'Andrade 2016-07-09
Daffyd of Emmett 2016-09-03
Rhys Afalwin 2016-12-03
Catrin von Berlin 2017-01-07
Edmund Peregrine 2017-01-21
Elanor O'Halloraine 2017-01-21
Stephan Sörensen 2017-10-15