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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Monkey of Caer Galen (DM)

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Dancing Monkey.

Notes on this order: Charter amended April 18 A.S. XLIX. Originally chartered by Max and Yazida (2003-12-13)

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Anna de Apperleye (premier) 2004-05-01
Adam mac Morgan 2004-06-12
Keridwen Andersdottir 2004-12-11
Randal Carrick 2005-05-01
Timony Olyveyr 2006-02-04
Morgan Rowantree 2006-08-19
Yazida bint Zarif 2006-12-09
Andros Korkyrates 2007-05-05
Robert d' Abusson 2007-07-21
Massimiliano Pontieri dal Sasso 2008-07-26
Saito Takauji 2008-07-26
Signy von Velden 2009-05-20
Hayashi Yo\'ichirou Norikata 2009-07-18
Jeanne-Marie Dubois 2010-12-11
Vanozza da Corbetta 2011-06-11
Jeanne Dyfrgi 2011-12-10
Eric Litefoote of Studley 2012-12-15
Mahara Vandale 2013-06-22
Genevieve de Belleval 2013-12-14
Finn Ua Briain 2016-07-09
Bree of Caer Galen 2016-09-03
Helga Beall 2017-07-29
Nerienda of Elmet 2017-09-02