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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
People of the Outlands, listed by Award received

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Society and Outlands Awards

Antares Kano of al-Barran (CAK)

Anvil of Aarquelle (AAA)

Arch of Caer Galen (BA)

Argent Fleece (CAF)

Argent Hart (CAH)

Argent Rose of the Outlands (CARO)

Arquites Australis of the Citadel (CAAC)

Artisans of Fontaine dans Sable ()

Aspen of Caerthe (CAC)

Astrum Australis of the Citadel (CAA)

Augmentation of Arms (AUG)

Award of Arms (AOA)

Azure Mullet of the Outlands (CAMO)

Argent Wyvern of the Outlands* (closed) (CAWO) (order closed)

Out-of-Kingdom Awards

Acorn's Glade of Darkwater (OAG)

Adharc Or of Mag Mor (CAO)

Ambassador of Courtesy of Starkhafn ()

Amethyst Chalice of Arn Hold (CAC)

Apollo of the Angels (OAP)

Arc d'Or (DWSX)

Argent Comet of Meridies (CACM)

Argent Estoile (OAE)

Argent Fleece (CAF)

Argent Fret of Altavia (CAF)

Argent Lance of Meridies (CALM)

Argent Morning Star of Trimaris (OMS)

Argent Mountain (CAM)

Argent Palm ()

Argent Plume (CAP)

Argent Rapier (CAR)

Argent Scales (CAS)

Argent Shield (CASS)

Argent Slipper (COAS)

Argent Sword of Trimaris (OAS)

Armure Epatant (OAEW)

Ash Leaf (OAL)

Athena of the Angels ()

Attic Helm (CAHW)

Aurora (OAW)

Award of Excellence ()

Award of Excellence of Æthelmearc ()

Award of the Purple Fret (APF)

Axe (OA)

Azure Archers of Atenveldt (CAA)

Azure Chalice (oaca)

Azure Keystone of Elfsea ()

Aegis* (CA) (order closed)

Aerie Ordo* (CAO) (order closed)