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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Defense (OD)

The stylization of members of this order is Master/Mistress of Defense.

Notes on this order:

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Domin d’Alsace (premier) 2015-05-09
Jon Blackwell (premier) 2015-05-09
Christopher Devereux 2015-06-27
Dearbháil inghean Léoid. 2015-09-04
Angus Reid MacFarlane 2015-10-03
Siegfried Stern 2015-11-14
Hawk Rill Hunnybun 2016-03-17
Thomas Vandale 2016-04-30
Estevan de Sepulveda 2016-07-23
Adam Carmychel 2016-08-12
Nerissa Della Badessa 2016-08-12
Tatiana Bonnioulx 2016-10-15
Otto Schwarz Herz 2016-12-17
Wolfgang Sebastian Kolhammer 2017-04-08
Logan of Logan 2017-04-22
Elena Isabella de Glastonbury 2017-05-06
Gianni de San Germano 2018-05-05
Aegeon the Actor 2019-04-27
Ian Raven of Tadcaster 2019-07-13