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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
People of the Outlands, listed by Award received

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Awards for the Outlands

Argent Fleece (CAF)

Argent Hart (CAH)

Argent Rose of the Outlands (CARO)

Argent Wyvern of the Outlands* (closed) (CAWO) (order closed)

Augmentation of Arms (AUG)

Award of Arms (AOA)

Azure Mullet of the Outlands (CAMO)

Baron of the Court (CTBAR)

Baroness of the Court (CTBARS)

Brendon Swatko Award (CBS)

Cordon Royal (BCR)

Count (COUNT)

Countess (COUNTESS)

Courage (COC)

Crown Prince (CPRIN)

Crown Princess (CPRINS)

Defense (OD)

Doe & Mountain (CDM)

Duchess (DUCHESS)

Duke (DUKE)

Fallen Snow (CFS)

Flower (OFO)

Founding Baron (FBAR)

Founding Baroness (FBARS)

Golden Lance (OGL)

Golden Pheon (CGP)

Grant of Arms (GRANT)

Iron Hart (TIH)

King of the Outlands (KING)

Knights Pensioners of the Venerable Guard (PVG)


Lady of the Rose (LR)

Laurel (ML)

Legion of Gallantry of the Outlands (CLG)


Outlands Royal Menagerie [proclamation of Giovanni and Cainnleach] (closed) (ORM)

Palmer's Lantern (CPL)

Pelican (MP)

Prince Consort of the Outlands (PRINC)

Promise of the Outlands (CPO)

Queen of the Outlands (QUEEN)

Queen's Cypher (BQC)

Queen's Grace (CQG)

Ragnar's Hammer (CRH)

Sharparrow (AIR)

Silver Lance (OSL) (order closed)

Silver Stirrup (CSSO)

Silver Tyne (DST)

Sovereign Queen of the Outlands (QUEENS)

Stag (OSO)

Stag and Chalice (CSC)

Stag's Blood (DSB)

Stag's Heart (CSH)

Territorial Baron - Retired (TBAR-R)

Territorial Baroness - Retired (TBARS-R)

Test Fish (FFF) (order closed)

Trefoil (CTO)

Vangard (VOO)

Velvet Tynes [award closed] (CVT) (order closed)

Venerable Guard (CVG)

Vicar (VICAR)

Vicaress (VICARESS)

Viscount (VISCOUNT)

Viscountess (VISCOUNTES)

Walker of the Way (CWW)

White Scarf of the Outlands (DWS)