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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Espada de Oro of al-Barran (CEO)

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Espada de Oro.

Notes on this order: Charter dated 6/28/97 device passsed 2/99 new draft 3/18/99

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Echevarian Peregrinus (premier) 1997-09-20
Jon Blackwell 1997-09-20
Matilda de Seton 1997-09-20
Óengus ua Faeláin 1997-10-25
Wolfgang Sebastian Kolhammer 1998-09-19
Bréanainn O Coinghiolláin 1999-04-24
Otto Schwarz Herz 1999-08-03
Rowena Colebrook 1999-10-03
Charles Robert Blackstone 1999-11-15
Elijah Tynker 1999-11-21
Rebekah Tynker 2000-04-16
Coinneach MacPherson 2000-12-16
Elisée de Calais 2001-04-21
Rudger Emrys 2003-09-21
Michael M'Quilline 2004-04-03
Vicente Ferrer 2004-05-28
Tomas Moreno de la Cruz 2006-05-28
J. T. Whoreschum 2006-07-08
Traithgren McCormick 2007-03-31
Flynt Fitzgibbon 2010-07-04
Fedallah the Pirate 2010-10-02
Felix Immanuel Sarazan 2011-04-23
Kendrick MacPherson 2011-04-23
Vicente Ferrer 2011-04-23
Gargamont of Austinite 2011-11-20
Siegfried Stern 2012-05-27
Giermund Sigurdsson 2018-04-07
Nolan DePaul St. Germaine 2018-04-07