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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Baron\'s Thistle of Fontaine (BT)

The stylization of members of this order is Bearer of the Baron\'s Thistle.

Notes on this order:

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Angus Reid MacFarlane (premier) (Duncan) 2005-10-29
Bronne de Man 2006-04-01
Kyre McKinnon (Duncan) 2006-09-02
Ceara McCain (Duncan) 2007-01-20
Seamus Able Johnson (Duncan) 2007-01-20
Lingormr gympe eykr (Qara) 2008-08-31
Dogan An Pot Aire (Qara) 2009-03-14
Duncan Alastair MacRae (Angus) 2011-01-15
Anna Mactaggart (Angus) 2011-04-09
Argyle MacGrigour (Angus) 2011-09-03
Rowland McCain (Angus) 2012-01-28
Estevan de Sepulveda (Angus) 2012-03-31
Soren McKinney (Angus) 2012-04-07
Angus Reid MacFarlane (Estevan) 2013-07-06
Geua filia Guy (Estevan) 2014-01-18
Lingormr gympe eykr (Estevan) 2014-01-18
Slaine inghean Ui Sheanain (Estevan) 2014-07-04
Ælric Kyrri (Estevan) 2014-07-05
Kateryn Blair (Estevan) 2014-09-21
Keina MacRath (Estevan) 2014-09-21
Gaston de Sepulveda (Estevan) 2014-11-01
Seperath de Sepultura (Estevan) 2014-11-01
Béla Kierzon 2017-04-22