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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Dreamer's Cup (CDCC)

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Dreamer's Cup.

Notes on this order: new draft 3/18/99

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Kiriel of Windhover Cliff (premier) 1984-05-01
Mindrakken van der Zilver 1985-05-01
Aleen du Varnay 1985-12-31
Bernice of Brittany 1985-12-31
Mark Silverthorne 1985-12-31
Ursula d'Arcy 1986-12-31
William fitz Martin of Kent 1986-12-31
Ailinn Shadowfox 1987-09-06
Morguen na Locha Soluis 1987-10-17
Kseniya Mikhailovna Morskaya 1987-11-21
Edward Birnam 1987-12-31
Bjarg-njotr Olfassa 1988-07-01
Tess of the Crossings 1991-01-01
Tuathal of Tehri 1991-01-05
Rand the Tracker of Oak Hollow 1992-01-04
Johann of the Northern Moors 1993-01-01
Tryffin mac Ualraig 1994-01-08
Wyndylyn Leanb na Doinneann 1995-01-07
Rhiannon Wild Heart 1995-07-02
Marguerite d'Isere 1997-01-04
Meghan Ruadh nic Guinne 1999-01-01
Gwenhevare of Coventry 2000-11-04
Guernen Cimarguid 2001-01-06
Grellán ÓConchobhair 2002-01-05
Roland O'Rourke 2003-01-04
Patric of Blackthorn 2004-01-03
Aliana merch Gryffydd 2005-01-08
Oudon av Hálogaland 2005-01-08
Yasu Yukiko 2006-01-07
Órfhlaith ní Dhubháin 2007-01-06
Ansteys Darcy 2008-01-05
Domin d’Alsace 2009-01-03
Robert Magnus 2010-01-02
Mika Longbow 2011-01-08
Ellinor Rose Sanbourne 2012-01-07
William Hawke de Warwyck 2013-01-05
Mahowne Mac Agaloglie 2014-01-04
Bai Wei Long 2015-01-03
Hawisia de Groote 2016-02-06
Miklos Kovacs 2017-01-07
Gauvain Eisenbein 2018-01-06
Pettronella Pártaszövõ 2018-01-06