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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Watch Fire of al-Barran (CWF)

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Watch Fire.

Notes on this order: Charter dated 6/28/97 The name Watch Fire will not pass device passed, name (Watch & Ward) returned 2/99

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Albreanna d'Kyme of the Tanglewoods (premier) 1997-09-20
Steitan Bogenschütz 1997-09-20
Roland atte Dragon 1998-05-23
Damian d'Antioche 1998-05-24
Kathryn of Iveragh 1998-07-25
Titus the Archer 1998-07-25
Kovach Bol'shoi 1999-05-28
Margherita da Foire 1999-12-18
Tore av Uddevala 2001-05-27
Óengus ua Faeláin 2001-12-15
Sylvia Stjarnstirrare 2004-10-17
Lyneya del Filde 2006-07-08
Djurig von Aukring 2006-12-16
Alice of al-Barran 2008-09-20
Beau Marishka of the Romanies 2009-09-26
Stefan of the Wanderers 2009-09-26
James Lupton 2010-10-02
Guy Herbert of Roteland 2011-05-27
Rowan (of al-Barran) 2011-05-27
Lukka of al-Barran 2012-10-06
Hachimitsu (of al-Barran) 2014-09-27
Kuma No Oni 2014-09-27
Emmelina van Westenberg 2014-12-20
Llewellyn ap Glenwidford 2014-12-20
Mikhailo (of al-Barran) 2015-09-26
Gerlin von Tiesenhausen 2017-07-22
Ælric Kyrri 2017-12-16