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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
People of the Outlands, listed by Award received

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Society and Outlands Awards

Territorial Baron - Retired (TBAR-R)

Territorial Baron of Aarquelle ()

Territorial Baron of al-Barran (TBAR-2)

Territorial Baron of Caer Galen (TBAR-6)

Territorial Baron of Caerthe (TBAR-1)

Territorial Baron of Dragonsspine (TBAR-3)

Territorial Baron of Fontaine dans Sable (TBAR-7)

Territorial Baron of the Citadel (TBAR-4)

Territorial Baron of Unser Hafen (TBAR-5)

Territorial Baroness - Retired (TBARS-R)

Territorial Baroness of Aarquelle ()

Territorial Baroness of al-Barran (TBARS-2)

Territorial Baroness of Caer Galen (TBARS-6)

Territorial Baroness of Caerthe (TBARS-1)

Territorial Baroness of Dragonsspine (TBARS-3)

Territorial Baroness of Fontaine dans Sable (TBARS-7)

Territorial Baroness of the Citadel (TBARS-4)

Territorial Baroness of Unser Hafen (TBARS-5)

Tester League ()

Thermopylae of the Citadel (DOT)

Torch Bearer of Unser Hafen (CTB)

Treasured Jewels of Dragonsspine (CTJD)

Trefoil (CTO)

Test Fish (FFF) (order closed)

Out-of-Kingdom Awards

Tempest ()

Terpsichore (CT)

Terpsichore's Fox ()

Terpsichore's Mouffle of Arn Hold (CTM)

Thegn of Calontir (TC)

Thegns and Bannthegns ()

Throne Favor of the Summits (TFS)

Torse (CTC)

Torse of Honor (THW)

Tower of Dreiburgen (OTD)

Tower of Dun Or ()

Towers of Dreiburgen ()

Trade Winds (OTWT)

Trefoil Argent of Trimaris (OTAT)

Trident Keype of Darkwater (OTK)

Trimarian Gratitude (OTG)

Triskele (OTT)

Troubadours (OT)

Twr Mawr (TM)

Tygers Combattant ()