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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Stag and Chalice (CSC)

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Stag and Chalice.

Notes on this order:

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Warmin of Belshire (premier) 2006-05-27
Caomh Beathan Crubach 2006-09-23
Aldyth Trefaldwyn 2009-12-05
Gunwaldt Gullbjørn 2010-03-13
Giovanni di Sienna 2010-07-04
Bennet Murray 2011-07-02
Madigan of Kandahar 2011-07-03
Adriana of Riverhold 2012-04-07
Ailinn Shadowfox 2012-05-26
Eric Morrison of Thistlekeep 2012-05-26
Rhys Afalwin 2012-10-20
Gareth of Gryphon\'s Nest 2012-12-15
Jacques of Pickering 2013-01-19
Kathryn of Iveragh 2014-05-10
Audrey la Solitaire 2015-06-27
Adriana of Riverhold 2015-07-11
Gerhardt Drachenmacher 2015-07-11
Leona Roy Colquhoun 2015-07-11
Margaida da Gama 2015-12-12
Artan macAilin 2015-12-19
Björn Pálsson 2016-07-09
Diana of Llanberis 2016-08-20
Berold de Gilbert 2016-09-03
Renate Koven 2016-12-03
Elisée de Calais 2016-12-17
Béla Kós 2017-01-07
Lothar vom Bergenwald 2017-01-28
Brigitta Olavsdatter of Kiel 2017-06-25
Gwilim de Glamorgan 2017-09-03
Yasu Yukiko 2018-05-05