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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
People of the Outlands, listed by Award received

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Society and Outlands Awards

Calyx Honoris of the Citadel (CCH)

Chalice of St. William the Cooper (BCW)

Cordon of Honor of Caerthe (CCHC)

Cordon Royal (BCR)

Corona Graminea of Unser Hafen (CCG)

Coronet's Smile (HCS)

Count (COUNT)

Countess (COUNTESS)

Courage (COC)

Crown Prince (CPRIN)

Crown Princess (CPRINS)

Out-of-Kingdom Awards

Calon Lily (CCL)

Caltrop ()

Capstone (CCLT)

Carraig Deirge Mark of Excellence of Dun Carraig ()

Cavindish Knot (CCK)

Centurions of the Sable Star (CSSA)

Chamfron of Caid ()

Coeur d\'Azur ()

Coil of Esteem ()

Coills Trepallier (CCT)

Column (CLTK)

Combatant Ram ()

Combattant Moose of Arn Hold (CCM)

Commander of the Fleur de Soleil (SOLC)

Commander of the Hawk's Lure (CHLC)

Commander of the Honor of Sun Dragon ()

Commander of the Light of Atenveldt ()

Commander of the Pilgrim of the Desert ()

Commander of the Queen's Grace (CQGC)

Commander of the Sable Axe (CCSA)

Commendabilis (CRO)

Compostella (CPOS)

Copper Spoon (CSP)

Coral Branch ()

Cord of Forgotten Sea (CCFS)

Cord of Lonely Tower (CBLT)

Corde de Guerre of Caid (CDGC)

Cornelian ()

Corolla Aulica (CCA)

Corolla Muralis (CCMM)

Corolla Vitae ()

Coronet's Favor ()

Coronet's Favor of Cynagua (CCF)

Coronets Favor ()

Cotes Anciennes of Eldern Hills (QRA)

Courier of Radiance ()

Crab\'s Claw ()

Crescent (COC)

Crescent Sword (CCS)

Cridhe Mor ()

Crimson Mace of Twin Moons (CCMA)

Crimson Pillars (CCP)

Crodh Catha of Mag Mor (CCCK)

Cross of Calontir (CCC)

Cross of Lochac (OCL)

Cross of Saint Joan (OCSJ)

Crossed Swords of Caid (CCS)

Crown's Favor (West) ()

Crown's Order of Gratitude (COG)

Crystal of the Salt Waste of Loch Salann (CCSW)

Crystal Swan (OCS)

Cygnet (CC)

Cygnet of Cynagua (CCC)

Cygnus (CC)

Cynaguan Quill (Copper) ()

Cynaguan Quill (Silver) ()

Cypher of the Gratia Coronae ()

Cap and Bells* (CCB) (order closed)

Circle of the Ascending Star* (CCAS) (order closed)

Combattant Ram of the Principality of Gleann Abhann* (GACR) (order closed)

Commander of the Solar Phoenix* (CSPA) (order closed)

Constable of the Principality* (CN) (order closed)

Cypher of the Gratia Coronae () (order closed)