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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Desert Fawn of al-Barran (CDF)

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Desert Fawn.

Notes on this order: Charter dated 5/91 Charter signed and dated 7/25/98

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Muiredach MacGregor (premier) 1991-05-25
Dane of Needham 1992-04-11
Ariel Naushon bat Malachi 1992-05-23
Rebecca Chantalsdottir 1992-05-23
Dylan der Feltor 1993-12-18
Kelly O'Morchoe 1994-12-17
Lucien d'Abalaird 1997-05-24
Guinavear (of al-Barran) 1997-12-20
Shobin (of al-Barran) 1997-12-20
Gere Thorkelsson 1998-12-19
Lorin Taylor 1998-12-19
Vicente Ferrer 1999-08-03
Coleman (of Drygestan) 2001-12-15
Bardolf Gundwaldtsson 2002-05-25
Haven (of al-Barran) 2002-12-21
Vvillequine Maquereau 2002-12-21
Esteban de Medina 2003-05-24
Rainelle (of al-Barran) 2004-05-28
Elise Porteresse d\'yaue 2004-09-18
Nikka de Shavani 2004-12-18
Obsidian Shaw 2004-12-18
Ivanna Shaw 2005-03-26
Marra Shaw 2005-05-28
Joseph (of al-Barran) 2005-05-29
Victor Blackwood 2005-12-17
Irene Ross 2006-05-26
One-eyed Willie the Pyrate 2006-05-26
Squirrel of Golden Oak 2006-07-08
Wolfgang MacDuff 2006-07-08
Aki Mori 2007-03-17
Raven (of al-Barran) 2010-12-18
Keith d'Amour 2012-05-25
Camlan (of al-Barran) 2012-12-15
Helen (of al-Barran) 2012-12-15
Kayla Danasdottir 2012-12-15
Ysabel de Santiesteban 2014-05-23