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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
People of the Outlands, listed by Award received

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Society and Outlands Awards

Palma Aurea of Fontaine (OGP)

Palmer's Lantern (CPL)

Pelican (MP)

Pilgrim of Caerthe (CPC)

Pilgrims of Saint Edrik (PSE)

Poignard Noir of Caer Galen (BPN)

Praeceptor Australis ()

Pride of Dragonsspine (CPD)

Prima Lux of Unser Hafen (CPL)

Prince Consort of the Outlands (PRINC)

Promise of the Outlands (CPO)

Out-of-Kingdom Awards

Palatine Baron - Retired (PBAR-R)

Palatine Baroness - Retired (PBARS-R)

Palm (OPAA)

Palmer of Forgotten Sea (CPFS)

Panache (COP)

Paragons of Merriment (WKPM)

Pearl (CP)

Pearl of the Court ()

Perseus of Carolingia (CPC)

Pharos Flame of Gryphon's Lair (CPF)

Pharos of Caer Mear (CP)

Phoenix Eye ()

Phoenix Heart (PH)

Pied d'Argent (OPA)

Pilgrim of the Desert (CDP)

Pillar of the Marche (CPM)

Polished Mirror (CPM)

Pomme d'Or of Arn Hold (CPO)

Popular Company of Sojourners (PCSD)

Portcullis of Elfsea ()

Prince's Favour of Tir Righ (PFT)

Prince's Token ()

Princess' Favor of the Mists (PFW)

Princess' Order of Grace of the Mists (POG)

Princess' Riband of Oertha ()

Princess' Talon of Favour of Tir Righ (PTF)

Princess\' Token of Cynagua (OPT)

Purple Clarion (CPC)

Purple Fret (OPF)

Purple Fretty (CPF)

Pyxis (CP)

Persephone's Circle* (award closed) () (order closed)

Pillar of Artemesia* (CPA) (order closed)

Prince's Gauntlet* (BPG) (order closed)

Prince's Sigil* (BPS) (order closed)

Princess' Cypher* (BPC) (order closed)

Princess' Order of Courtesy* (POC) (order closed)

Prince\'s Cypher of Lochac () (order closed)

Principality Artemisian Order of Grace* (closed) (AOG) (order closed)

Principality Company of Sojourners* (PCS) (order closed)