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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Guardians of the Golden Flame (GGF)

The stylization of members of this order is Guardian of the Golden Flame.

Notes on this order: Charter dated 8/27/94 without being signed by Crown new draft 3/18/99

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Albert von Dreckenveldt (premier) 1993-10-30
Daifa A'isha al-Balansiyyahi (premier) 1993-10-30
Miranda MacTyre 1995-04-15
Thorsteinn Vandringsmann 1998-06-06
Haroun ibn al-Dhi'b al Abyadh 1998-08-15
Alexandria Morgan 1999-02-06
Aislinn merch Guincatan 1999-03-27
Eric Edmundsson 1999-07-31
Alwyn of Kittisford 2000-01-22
James Qui Connait 2000-01-22
Mael Marden 2000-10-07
Ilana Amante 2001-07-07
Tatiana Pavlovna Sokolova 2002-09-28
Cainnleach Uiseir of Glendalough 2003-02-01
Esabel de Whiteford 2003-04-05
Ton the Traveler 2005-01-29
Þorvaldr Þórólfsson á Vaksfjall 2006-07-29
Knut Eldfimr 2008-02-02
Alaric Dimitrievich Razvedchikov 2009-01-31
Selene of the Sky 2012-05-19
Lydia of the Pines 2013-06-08
Lothar vom Bergenwald 2015-03-07
Broddi hornabrjótr 2017-01-28
Duncan Alastair MacRae 2018-01-27