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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Awards (Alphabetically)

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Awards starting with H

Hammer of al-Barran (DHA) (Baronial AoA Order)(charter)
Given for knowledge and skill in SCA weaponry [al-Barran]
Badge/Insignia: (insignia) any rendition of a Thor's hammer and a scorpion
Notes: Charter signed and dated 09/26/98

Harmonia of Unser Hafen (CMP) (Non-armigerous award)
Given for persons who have excelled in the musical arts and brought pleasure to the populace of Unser Hafen with their musical skills.
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) A portcullis vert debruised by a G-clef Or.

Harp and Chalice of Caer Galen (CHC) (Non-armigerous award)(charter) (badge)
Given for individuals who so love their Barony that they give of themselves freely, even sacrificing personally to make sure the barony as a whole is enriched.
Badge/Insignia: Insignia of the order shall be a blue and gold braid bearing some rendition of Azure, a chalice and in chief a harp Or.
Notes: Charter amended on April 18, A.S. XLIX.

Heart of Dragonsspine (CHD) (Non-armigerous award)
Given for persons who have enriched the barony and who have not yet received an Award of Arms.

Heart of Osorio of Aarquelle (AOH) (Baronial AoA Order)
Given for service to the Barony of Aarquelle through effort, leadership and initiative.
Badge/Insignia: A heart Or, charged with a bear stantant.
Notes: This award is in remembrance of Juan de Osorio Segovia.

Heart of the Scorpion of al-Barran (CHSA) (Non-armigerous award)(charter) (badge)
Given for being an example of chivalry, gentility, nobility and authenticity [al-Barran]
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) On a scorpion Or, a compass star gules
Notes: Charter dated 11/23/92 rechartered 7/25/98 -- Charter signed and dated 7/25/98

Hedgehog of Caer Galen (UCG) (Non-armigerous award)(charter) (badge)
Given for those persons under sixteen (16) years of age who have shown themselves to be an asset to the Barony.
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) A hedgehog ermine
Notes: Charter amended on May 9, A.S. L. Formerly called the Foal of Caer Galen

Houre Glass of Fontaine (OHG) (Non-armigerous award)(charter)
Given for outstanding service by a newcomer [Fontaine dans Sable]

Hydra Order of Fontaine (HFS) (Non-armigerous award)
Given for participating for an extended period of time in armored combat, rapier and archery simultaneously.