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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Awards (Alphabetically)

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Awards starting with H

Hammer of al-Barran (DHA) (Baronial AoA Order)(charter)
Given for knowledge and skill in SCA weaponry [al-Barran]
Badge/Insignia: (insignia) any rendition of a Thor's hammer and a scorpion
Notes: Charter signed and dated 09/26/98

Harmonia of Unser Hafen (CMP) (Non-armigerous award)
Given for persons who have excelled in the musical arts and brought pleasure to the populace of Unser Hafen with their musical skills.
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) A portcullis vert debruised by a G-clef Or.

Harp and Chalice of Caer Galen (CHC) (Non-armigerous award)(charter) (badge)
Given for individuals who so love their Barony that they give of themselves freely, even sacrificing personally to make sure the barony as a whole is enriched.
Badge/Insignia: Insignia of the order shall be a blue and gold braid bearing some rendition of Azure, a chalice and in chief a harp Or.
Notes: Charter amended on April 18, A.S. XLIX.

Heart of Osorio of Aarquelle (AOH) (Baronial AoA Order)
Given for service to the Barony of Aarquelle through effort, leadership and initiative.
Badge/Insignia: A heart Or, charged with a bear stantant.
Notes: This award is in remembrance of Juan de Osorio Segovia.

Heart of the Scorpion of al-Barran (CHSA) (Non-armigerous award)(charter) (badge)
Given for being an example of chivalry, gentility, nobility and authenticity [al-Barran]
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) On a scorpion Or, a compass star gules
Notes: Charter dated 11/23/92 rechartered 7/25/98 -- Charter signed and dated 7/25/98

Hedgehog of Caer Galen (UCG) (Non-armigerous award)(charter) (badge)
Given for those persons under sixteen (16) years of age who have shown themselves to be an asset to the Barony.
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) A hedgehog ermine
Notes: Charter amended on May 9, A.S. L. Formerly called the Foal of Caer Galen

Houre Glass of Fontaine (OHG) (Non-armigerous award)(charter)
Given for outstanding service by a newcomer [Fontaine dans Sable]

Hydra Order of Fontaine (HFS) (Non-armigerous award)
Given for participating for an extended period of time in armored combat, rapier and archery simultaneously.