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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Awards (Alphabetically)

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Awards starting with G

Gentle Dragon (CGD) (Non-armigerous award)(charter) (badge)
Given for courtesy and chivalry [Dragonsspine]
Badge/Insignia: Or, in pale a wingless dragon dormant purpure and a maunche azure
Notes: Charter dated 6/4/94 new draft 3/18/99

Gilded Leaf of Caerthe (CGL) (Baronial AoA Order)(charter) (badge)
Given for excellence in the arts and sciences [Caerthe]
Badge/Insignia: Sable, an aspen leaf inverted Or
Notes: Charter dated 5/10/97 new draft 3/18/99

Golden Columbine of Unser Hafen (CGC) (Baronial AoA Order)(charter) (badge)
Given for exemplifying the noble spirit and persona of Middle Ages [Unser Hafen]
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) On a portcullis vert a columbine flower contourny Or
Notes: Charter dated 10/6/90 rechartered 7/18/98

Golden Lance (OGL) (Grant Order)
Given for skill and leadership in the equestrian arts
Notes: charted 11/9/19, promoting the members of the order of the Silver Lance

Golden Nightingale of Caer Galen (CGN) (Baronial AoA Order)(charter) (badge)
Given for achievement in arts [Caer Galen]
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) A nightingale volant bendwise sinister Or.
Notes: Charter amended April 18, A.S. XLIX. Originally chartered by Max and Yazida 12/13/03

Golden Paw of Fontaine (GPF) (Non-armigerous award)(charter)
Given for art of rapier [Fontaine dans Sable]

Golden Pheon (CGP) (Kingdom AoA Order)(charter) (badge)
Given for excellence in the art of archery
Badge/Insignia: Vert, a pheon inverted environed of a stag's attire, all within a bordure embattled Or
Notes: Originally chartered 1/16/88 Amended on 8/25/92 re-chartered 7/18/98

Golden Ring of Unser Hafen (CGR) (Baronial AoA Order)(charter) (badge)
Given for service, teaching and similar skills [Unser Hafen]
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) A portcullis vert debruised by an annulet Or
Notes: Charter dated 10/6/90 rechartered 7/18/98

Golden Tassel of al-Barran () (Non-armigerous award)
Given for military units within the barony whom they feel have demonstrated excellence in organization, unit spirit, and contribution to the war effort of forei
Badge/Insignia: a tassel that is rendered in gold and bound by a braided cord rendered in the baronial colours of black, gold, and white to be affixed to the unit’s banner or signum

Green Tree (Page or Maid) () (Non-armigerous award)(charter)
Given for children under 16 in recogniztion of potential
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) An aspen tree proper issuant from an egg fesswise fracted Or.
Notes: Non-armigerous award. Previously the Sapling of Caerthe.

Guardian of the Oasis of Fontaine (OG) (Baronial AoA Order)(charter)
Given for fighting, rapier skills, or archery [Fontaine dans Sable]

Guardians of the Golden Flame (GGF) (Non-armigerous award)(charter) (badge)
Given for extended and steadfast service and dedication [Dragonsspine]
Badge/Insignia: Purpure, a flame, in annulo five dragon's scales points inward Or
Notes: Charter dated 8/27/94 without being signed by Crown new draft 3/18/99

Guardians of the Portcullis of Unser Hafen (CGP) (Baronial AoA Order)
Given for those persons who have enriched Archery and Thrown Weapon in the Barony of Unser Hafen through service, teaching, and skills.
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) A portcullis vert debruised by a sheaf of arrows inverted Or.