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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Awards (Alphabetically)

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Awards starting with E

Eagles of the Sun (AES) (Baronial AoA Order)
Given for those participants who are exemplars of Aarquelle\'s reputation for hospitality, service, and courtesy.
Badge/Insignia: Azure, a winged sun Or within a bordure wavy argent

Eagle’s Plume (AEP) (Baronial AoA Order)
Given for participants who have developed a proficiency within the arts and have actively passed those skills along to others.
Badge/Insignia: Azure, within a bordure wavy an eagle’s wing couped inverted and a recorder bendwise argent.
Notes: This award is issued in remembrance of Phyllis Meisterssohn.

Ensis Honoris of the Citadel (CEH) (Baronial AoA Order)(charter) (badge)
Given for art of the rapier and chivalry [Citadel of the Southern Pass]
Badge/Insignia: Azure, a rapier argent between two piles inverted Or
Notes: rechartered 5/24/98

Espada de Oro of al-Barran (CEO) (Baronial AoA Order)(charter) (badge)
Given for excellence in the art of fencing [al-Barran]
Badge/Insignia: (Fieldless) Two rapiers inverted in saltire surmounted by a scorpion Or
Notes: Charter dated 6/28/97 device passsed 2/99 new draft 3/18/99