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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Awards (By Initials)

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Awards starting with A

Silver Blade (ABS) (Baronial AoA Order)
Given for those participants in the Art Martial of rapier or cut and thrust combat who have continued to improve their prowess and have used their skills to ser
Badge/Insignia: Azure, three rapiers palewise, a mountain of three peaks issuant from base argent.
Notes: A sitting Baron(ess) shall be the patroness of the Order.

Eagle’s Plume (AEP) (Baronial AoA Order)
Given for participants who have developed a proficiency within the arts and have actively passed those skills along to others.
Badge/Insignia: Azure, within a bordure wavy an eagle’s wing couped inverted and a recorder bendwise argent.
Notes: This award is issued in remembrance of Phyllis Meisterssohn.

Sharparrow (AIR) (Grant Order)(charter) (badge)
Given for extraordinary skill in the art and science of traditional archery
Badge/Insignia: Vert, on a pale argent endorsed Or a flaming arrow sable fletched vert enflamed gules
Notes: originally chartered 11/8/97 as Order of the Archers of the Iron Rain Name changed to Order of Sharparrow 5/98 Charter read and signed 11/14/98

Osorio’s Heart (AOH) (Baronial AoA Order)
Given for service to the Barony of Aarquelle through effort, leadership and initiative.
Badge/Insignia: A heart Or, charged with a bear stantant.
Notes: This award is in remembrance of Juan de Osorio Segovia.

Wolves of Aarquelle (AWA) (Non-armigerous award)
Given for those youth who have shown an exceptional interest in learning about and participating in SCA activities within the Barony.
Badge/Insignia: Argent, above a mountain of three peaks vert issuant from base, two wolves rampant combatant, azure.