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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Diana Doria (Hawk's Hollow)
Name And Device Registered
[Azure, a harness loom argent.]
Azure, a harness loom argent.

Laurel -- Outlands2012-10-20
Flower -- the Outlands 2011-01-08
Baroness of the Court -- Outlands2018-04-14
Golden Nightingale of Caer Galen -- Caer Galen (AoA)2010-07-03
Gilded Leaf of Caerthe -- Caerthe (AoA)2011-03-05
Aspen of Caerthe -- Caerthe (AoA)2016-01-02
Award of Arms 2004-02-15
Territorial Baroness - Retired -- Caerthe (02/06/16 - 04/14/18) 2018-04-14
Order of Excellence -- Caerthe (Ideals of the Society)2018-04-14

Known Aliases

Dianne Mac Dougal