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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Buggius dei Medici (Dragonsspine)
Name And Device Registered
[Azure, on a lozenge ermine a fox sejant gules.]
Azure, on a lozenge ermine a fox sejant gules.

Silver Tyne -- the Outlands 2018-08-18
Stag's Heart -- the Outlands 2023-05-06
Dragon's Grace of Dragonsspine -- Dragonsspine (AoA)2019-01-26
Scales of Dragonsspine -- Dragonsspine (AoA)2022-02-26
Pride of Dragonsspine -- Dragonsspine 2007-07-28
Promise of the Outlands -- the Outlands 2017-09-02
Brendon Swatko Award -- the Outlands 2018-01-27
Queen's Cypher [Anna IV] -- (Outlands)2018-11-03
Baron's Chalice of Merit -- Dragonsspine 2023-05-06
Baroness' Degree of Elegance -- Dragonsspine 2023-05-06

Known Aliases

Maximus MacDoughal