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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
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Leaping Stag* (CLS)

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Leaping Stag.

Notes on this order:

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Kathryn of Iveragh 1980-07-05
Rhiain of Toadhaven 1980-07-05
Briony of Windermere 1980-10-18
Robert de Spencer 1980-10-18
Robert FitzNorman 1980-10-18
Erc of Ringholden 1980-10-25
Elinor Aurora of Rosewood 1981-12-19
Catrine van der Nacker 1982-01-23
Gerald de Rapalje 1982-07-24
Harold Thredar 1982-07-25
Betva a Bedwyn 1982-10-16
Evan Mawr 1982-10-16
Maria Teresa de la Pena 1982-10-16
Chirhart Blackstar 1982-11-20
Jeanne Tenneur de Bec 1982-11-20
Aelflaed of Duckford 1983-01-15
Neala FitzNorman 1983-01-15
Suzanna Jewell 1983-06-26
Tera Dragonstaff 1983-08-20
Vivien Talarian o Caer Blaiddiau 1983-09-17
Marisela de Broyde 1984-09-01
Jeanne d'Aussay 1984-09-15
Elizabeth Thornfield Freemountain 1984-10-06
Adelicia von Hohenschwangau 1984-12-15
Angelica des Montagnes 1985-02-17
Regina Masquer 1985-09-07
Richenda de la Selva 1985-10-19
Salome Mara Shofar 1985-10-19
Walthari von Harx 1986-03-15
Johan Blau 1986-03-16
Beatrix von Wertenberg 1986-03-22
Constance le Royer de la Tour 1986-05-25
Saerlaith l'Estrangere 1986-05-25
Rebecca of Lancaster 1986-05-26
Aislinn Rowena MacKenzie 1986-06-14