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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Blackwater Keep

Changed name from Scorpions Hollow May 2005

Aodhan mac Roibeaird
Art the Scot
Aveline (of Blackwater Keep)
Brona Crawley
Clothhilde Vander Aalst
Corwin Grendel
Curren Leonart
Dagrun Bjornsdottir
Devon Nightshade
Domari Grimsson
Edana Hart
Edrick of the Woods
Elspeth of Tyvidale
Fearghus (of Blackwater Keep)
Gyda Magnusdotter
Hrothgar Thorenson
Jane Gude of Wylshire
Jeanne Estelle de Mouthe
Johann Dietbold des Drachenschwerts
Katherine Leslie
Lucien Etienne
Magnus Lawhammer
Mari the Far-Travelled
Meuric ap Rhys
Rauf of Cannich
Roger d'Oulbier
Roibeard mac Lochlainn
Rosalinda Lucinda Mandragon de la Vega
Sharon S. (of Blackwater Keep)
Shirlynn of Salt Keep
Stephen North
Steven S. (of Blackwater Keep)
Susan (of Blackwater Keep)
Suzanne Grey of York
Thomas of Hudd's Path
Thyri of Vakkerfjell
Ulrik Skytte
Ylaire Jacqueline de Montrivel
Aéd mac Leòid of Carmichael (inactive)
Bortai the Mongol (inactive)
Colyne MacKay (inactive)
Edvard von Wadtheim (inactive)
Eryn AElfgiva (inactive)
Fidia Eva (inactive)
James Rhuthun of Clwyd (inactive)
Johannes Schuster (inactive)
Katherine (of Blackwater Keep) (inactive)
Katherine Brandon (inactive)
Kaylin Tamashi (inactive)
Luke Breen of Lough Finne (inactive)
Marcus von Gallen (inactive)
Nanette Rochelle (inactive)
Patrick Jude (inactive)
Paul le Seul (inactive)
Rena MacKay (inactive)
Rhiannon McAllister (inactive)
Richard Ruthun of Clwyd (inactive)
Sigmund Shadowhawk (inactive)
Tammarrah the Gypsy (inactive)
Valréas de Fraier (inactive)
Wolfgang Eckhart (inactive)
Wynfrith Rouge-Martel De'Austerisia (inactive)