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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Sarah de Montgomerie (al-Barran)
Name And Device Registered
[Ermine, on a pile engrailed sable, a sun Or]
Ermine, on a pile engrailed sable, a sun Or

Laurel -- (OUTLANDS)1992-12-12
Stag -- the Outlands 1998-12-19
Argent Hart -- the Outlands 1992-10-04
Stag's Blood -- the Outlands 1995-12-16
Baroness of the Court -- (OUTLANDS)1996-04-20
Dragon's Tooth -- Middle 2003-08-11
Trefoil -- the Outlands (AoA) (arts)1992-03-07
Russian Thistle of al-Barran -- al-Barran (AoA)2004-05-29
Scorpion\'s Sting of al-Barran -- al-Barran (AoA)2006-07-08
Award of Arms 1991-05-04
Territorial Baroness - Retired -- AL-BARRAN2000-05-27
Queen's Cypher [Aziza II] -- (Outlands)1994-11-05
Walker of the Way -- the Outlands 2000-05-27
Heart of the Scorpion of al-Barran -- al-Barran 2000-09-17
Venerable Guard -- the Outlands 2006-03-18
Cordon Royal [Béla IV] -- (Outlands)2011-11-05
Augmentation of Arms (Landed Noble)2015-09-05