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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Samuel de Grace (Dragonsspine)
Name And Device Registered
[Ermine, on a cross gules a fleur-de-lys Or]
Ermine, on a cross gules a fleur-de-lys Or

KSCA -- (OUTLANDS)2001-02-17
Stag's Blood -- the Outlands 2000-01-22
Baron of the Court -- Outlands2008-02-17
Dragon\'s Claw of Dragonsspine -- Dragonsspine (AoA)2000-01-22
Dragons Blood of Dragonsspine -- Dragonsspine (AoA)2001-10-13
Keepers of the Portcullis of Unser Hafen -- Unser Hafen (AoA)2008-06-22
Award of Arms 1990-12-31
Territorial Baron - Retired -- Unser Hafen 9-30-2006 to 2-17-20082008-02-17
Silver Guard of the Principality of Drachenwald* -- East 1991-12-31
Popular Company of Sojourners -- Drachenwald 1999-04-17
Augmentation of Arms (Landed Noble)2015-09-05