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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Moehammed Kasy (al-Barran)
KSCA -- (ATENVELDT)1979-05-26
Baron of the Court -- (premier) Drachenwald1993-07-10
Orden Des Lindquistringes -- Drachenwald 1994-01-01
Award of Arms 1978-04-23
Princess' Order of Courtesy* [] -- (East)1990-05-26
Principality Company of Sojourners* -- East 1991-10-05
Wheel of Knight's Crossing -- Drachenwald 1993-05-28
Sigillum Coronae -- Drachenwald (Elffin)1994-01-01
Popular Company of Sojourners -- Drachenwald 1995-11-11
King's Order of the Companions of Albion -- Drachenwald 1995-11-11

Known Aliases

Mohammed the Inhuman
Mohammed Kasy