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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Jeanette Delacroix (Dragonsspine)
Stag -- the Outlands 2016-06-04
Baroness of the Court -- Outlands2019-01-26
Dragon's Grace of Dragonsspine -- Dragonsspine (AoA)1998-02-07
Scales of Dragonsspine -- Dragonsspine (AoA)2014-05-03
Award of Arms 1998-06-06
Territorial Baroness - Retired -- Dragonsspine (10/01/16-01/26/19)2019-01-26
Noble's Gratitude of Unser Hafen -- Unser Hafen (Tracker & Meadhbh)2014-02-01
Baroness' Degree of Elegance -- Dragonsspine (Keterlyn)2014-08-02
Baron's Chalice of Merit -- Dragonsspine 2019-01-26
Treasured Jewels of Dragonsspine -- Dragonsspine (Amethyst)2020-01-25

Known Aliases

Jeannette de Vallier