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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Valbjorn Juleson (Unser Hafen)
Golden Maple Leaf -- Artemisia 2002-03-16
Argent Hart -- the Outlands 2016-04-30
Builders of the Portcullis of Unser Hafen -- Unser Hafen (AoA)2015-10-24
Golden Ring of Unser Hafen -- Unser Hafen (AoA)2017-02-04
Amethyst Chalice of Arn Hold -- Artemisia 2001-12-31
King's Council of Artemisia [] -- (Artemisia)2002-03-09
Universitatus Trivium of Arn Hold -- Artemisia 2002-12-31

Known Aliases

Val Bjorn