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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Matilda Beresford (Caer Galen)
Name And Device Registered
[Erminois, a bear rampant purpure.]
Erminois, a bear rampant purpure.

Goutte de Sang -- An Tir 2009-07-18
Stag's Heart -- the Outlands 2015-08-15
Arch of Caer Galen -- Caer Galen (AoA)2016-07-09
Award of Arms 2008-09-13
Golden Torc of Three Mountains -- An Tir 2008-12-13
Chalice of St. William the Cooper -- Caer Galen 2014-12-13
Dragon's Scale of Dragon's Mist -- An Tir 2008-08-02