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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
Jibra\'il `Attar (Caerthe)
Name And Device Registered
[Or, a dexter tierce gules, a chief sable.	  	  ]
Or, a dexter tierce gules, a chief sable.

Laurel -- Outlands2017-05-06
Cross of Calontir -- Calontir 2009-09-26
Stag -- the Outlands 2015-05-09
Flower -- the Outlands 2016-02-06
Torse -- Calontir 2005-06-19
Golden Calon Swan -- Calontir 2008-05-03
Argent Hart -- the Outlands 2014-10-25
Aspen of Caerthe -- Caerthe (AoA)2013-10-12
Gilded Leaf of Caerthe -- Caerthe (AoA)2014-08-31
Award of Arms 2005-02-05
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction [] -- (Calontir)2006-09-09
Noble\'s Gratitude of Unser Hafen -- Unser Hafen (Tracker & Meadhbh)2015-01-03
Queen's Cypher [Magge] -- (Outlands)2017-04-29
Cordon of Honor of Caerthe -- Caerthe 2021-08-21

Known Aliases

Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi
Jibril ibn Najdah ibn Zayd al-\\\'Attar
Jasper Sleecht
Jibrail Attar