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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
List of People and Possible Alias

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Draca Mor (including subgroups, if any)

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Aiedel (of Unser Hafen) Adela O Hearne
Aiedel A\'hearn Adela O Hearne
Aiedel O\'hEachthigheirn the Aten-Lande Adela O Hearne
Ana of Tadcaster Anna de Tatecastre
Avi of Tadcaster Abram de Tatecastre
Egil Thorsen Egill Þorisson
Lucius Avisius Seneca Gunnstæinn Ragnarsson
Rifka of Tadcaster Rebecca de Tatecastre
Sigrithr Flossidottir SigriÞr Flossidottir
Talore MacConlae Gunnstæinn Ragnarsson
Zephyrixa Isabeau Matheu du Lymmos Zephirine Isabeau Matheu de Lymos