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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
List of People and Possible Alias

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Draca Mor (including subgroups, if any)

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Aiedel (of Unser Hafen) Adela O Hearne
Aiedel A\'hearn Adela O Hearne
Aiedel O\'hEachthigheirn the Aten-Lande Adela O Hearne
Ana of Tadcaster Anna de Tatecastre
Avi of Tadcaster Abram de Tatecastre
Rifka of Tadcaster Rebecca de Tatecastre
Sigrithr Flossidottir Sigri√ěr Flossidottir
Talore MacConlae Lucius Avisius Seneca
Zephyrixa Isabeau Matheu du Lymmos Zephirine Isabeau Matheu de Lymos