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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
List of People and Possible Alias

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Plattefordham (including subgroups, if any)

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Aramid of Crannog Airmid of Crannog Ardanaiseig
Balthazar von Knopf Balthazar Knopf
Caitlan Delaney Rogan Catherine Beaujeu
Folcwin the Red Fjolverker the Red
Hammar Bowswayer Svein hammar
Mavis Maeve Reynebaud of Falconskeep
Meredith of Snowden Ingrede of Snowden
Nastas\\\'ia Azouskaya Nastas\'ia Zvir\'eva zhena L\'vova
Natasha Zviera Nastas\'ia Zvir\'eva zhena L\'vova
Odoyakana Ryu Minamoto Ryuutarou
Roger du Lac Lacy Roger Lacy du Lac
Svein Hammar Bowswayer Svein hammar
Valter (of Plattefordham) Walther G├╝tman
Vlastimir Zviera Zvir L\'vov syn Gorin