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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
List of People and Possible Alias

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Bofharrach (including subgroups, if any)

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Anabele la Clergess Anabel la clergesse
Brier de Lorraine Khalidah bint Yahya’a
Elizabeth deHolecumbe Elizabeth de Holecombe
Elspeth the Semstress of Dunkeld Elspeth Wynterbourne
Ethan the Strongarm Gerrit d'Orleans
Faramar Garin Vollent de Ghent
Farin Farin le Breton
Felix of Rams Keep Felix Sniumi
Gabriella (of Bofharrach) Gabriella Rizo
Gerritt Raynor Gerrit d'Orleans
Helene Boudain Hélène Boudin
Ian the Fariner of Dunkeld Farin le Breton
Madeleine (of Bofharrach) Madeleine de Seraucourt
Madeline de Seraucourt Madeleine de Seraucourt
Micah the Damned Dane Wade Averey of Woodstock
Nicolau Machado Nicolaao Machado
Shira Chinua Shria Chinua
Thalhurst MacSivnah Ruadrí mac Batín
Wade Avery of Woodstock Wade Averey of Woodstock
William Avery of Woodstock Wade Averey of Woodstock