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Outlands College of Heralds - Office of the Wimble Herald
List of People and Possible Alias

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Blaiddwyn (including subgroups, if any)

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Ariel Naushon bat Malachi Aurelia Salutia
Æðeluulf Munec Æðeluulf munuc
Æthelwulf of Golias Æðeluulf munuc
Æthelwulf the Goliard Æðeluulf munuc
Caltsuna of Blaiddwyn Caltuna cercel
Coltsuna of Blaiddwyn Caltuna cercel
Dovey Dubhchobhlaigh inghean uí Dhiarmada
Einok Leofwine (of Blaiddwyn)
Fynn of Blaidddwyn Finnian (of Blaiddwyn)
Iuette of Blaiddwyn Iuette au Canard Blanc
Josh of Blaiddwyn Leofwine (of Blaiddwyn)
Rob of Golden Oak Rab Wylkyn
Síle Ó Daragh Síle inghean Duibh Darach
Thea Theodanda of Blaiddwyn
Theodanda (of al-Barran) Theodanda of Blaiddwyn
Yves (of al-Barren) Iuette au Canard Blanc
Yves of Blaiddwyn Iuette au Canard Blanc