Constitution for the

Order of the Desert Fawn

I.      There shall exist in the Barony of al-Barran an award, known as the Order of theDesert Fawn, which may be given by the Coronet, subject to the Crown,  to those members fifteen years of age and under, whom they feel have consistently demonstrated the ideals of nobility, virtue and grace in their behavior.

II.     The holders of the Order shall be styled as Companions of the Desert Fawn and shall be entitled to place the initials C.D.F. after their names.

III.    The insignia of the Order shall consist of a medallion bearing the registered badge of the Order:  (Fieldless) A wheel sable charged with a doe lodged guardant Or.

IV.     Arms and precedence:  The Order carries neither arms nor precedence.

V.     Amendments to this constitution shall be made by the Coronet of al-Barran after due consultation with the Crown.

VI.     The companionship of all previous recipients of the Order is hereby confirmed.

By our hands this 25th day of July, A.S. XXXIII, being 1998 in the common Era.

__________________________________            _________________________________

Kragon, Baron                                                          Sarah, Baroness

__________________________________            _________________________________

Hrothger II, King                                                          Madigan, Queen


Pendar the Bard, White Stag Principal Herald