Constitution for the

Order of the Dreamerís Cup

I.          There shall exist in the Barony of Caerthe an award, known as the Order of the Dreamerís Cup, which may be given by the Baron or Baroness at their sole discretion,  subject to the pleasure of the Crown, to those persons who, being at all times an example of chivalry, gentility, nobility and authenticity, are most exemplary in the conduct of themselves, to the greater credit and worth of the Barony.

II.         The  holders of this Order shall be styled as Companions of the Dreamerís Cup and shall be entitled to place the initials C.D.C.C. after their names.

III.         The insignia of the Order shall be at the pleasure of the College of Arms: Per bend Or and vert, an aspen leaf and a goblet counterchanged.

IV.        The award carries neither arms nor precedence.

V.         Amendments to this constitution shall be made by the Coronet of Caerthe after due consultation with the Crown.

VI.        The companionship of all previous recipients of the Order is hereby confirmed.

By our hands this ________ day of ____________, A.S. XXXIII, being 1999 in the Common Era.

__________________________________            _________________________________

Walter, Baron                                                          Fiachra, Baroness

__________________________________            _________________________________

Maelgwn, King                                                         Lillian, Queen


Pendar the Bard, White Stag Principal Herald