Constitution for

L'Ordre du Cochon Alé

I.    There shall exist in the Barony of Caer Galen an award known, subject to the approval of the College of Arms, as L'Ordre du Cochon Alé, which may be given by the Coronet, subject to the pleasure of the Crown, to those persons who have achieved seemingly impossible results against nigh insurmountable odds.

II.  The holders of this award shall be styled as Companions du Cochon Alé, and shall be entitled to place the letters C.A. after their names.

III.  The insignia of the order shall be the some rendition of a flying pig, or the badge of the order once it has been approved by the College of Arms.

IV.  This award carries neither arms nor precedence.

V.  Amendments to this constitution shall be made by the Coronet of Caer Galen after due consultation with the Crown.

VI. Companionship of all previous recipients of l'Ordre du Cochon Volant is hereby confirmed to carry companionship in L'Ordre du Cochon Alé.

Amended by Our hands this 11th day of September, A.S. XLV, being 2010 in the Common Era.

Bjarki, Baron                                                                                     Asta, Baroness

Alrik III, King                                                                                   Salomea, Queen

Omar Mohammed Mirzazadeh, White Stag Principal Herald